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Corporate Training Video Production - e-Learning Design - Interactive Multimedia - IT Software Training


As well as being a training video production company and multimedia e-learning producer, we have 30 years' experience in the design and development of training packages.

The instructional materials we can write, design and produce for you include:

    - trainer's manuals

   -  trainee workbooks and handouts, folders and posters in multiple languages

    - training record books / passports, certificates, lanyards

    - animated presentation slides and interactive on-screen exercises

    - video clips and animations


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On-screen interactive exercises

We can develop, design and programme engaging activities in which the trainer can involve the audience, for example:

    - multiple-choice quizzes

    - drag and drop exercises, eg ranking items in order of importance or grouping or matching related items

    - hazard-spotting and similar exercises using hidden hotspots overlaid on a still photo. The group has to identify good or bad items in the photo and there is audiovisual feedback when the trainer clicks on that part of the image on the screen.

    - team challenges: split your group into teams. The computer will set each team a question in turn.  It will then display the team scores on the screen at the end of each round.

   - real-time branched exercises - the outcome of a situation differs, depending on the choices made by your group.


Printed material

Enlightenment Interactive has in-house writing and instructional design capability.

We also provide:

    - graphic design for print

    - technical illustration

- cartooning

- translation

    - print sourcing and management

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