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If your supervisors struggle to deliver an engaging and effective toolbox talk for your team from paper training notes,  consider a short video plus some discussion points.

So long as the supervisor has access to a laptop or a training room with a projector or large screen tv, this could be a reliable way to get your key safety messages out there.

A client asked us to make a set of 5-minute toolbox talk videos in which the HSE manager instructs a new operative (in this case role played by an actor) in a particular activity - for example fitting and using an abrasive wheel or using a mobile scaffold tower.

Because the format is very simple, three of these safety training videos could be shot in a single day with just a director, cameraman and an actor.  Total cost for three videos around £2,100 plus VAT and any travel expenses for the video crew.

If you have numbers of Eastern European operatives on site, we can also translate the dialogue and add subtitles in Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, etc.


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