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Our clients often like to set a quiz or test at the end of a site safety induction to make sure people - especially contractors - have been paying attention.  There are various ways of doing this.

Can we set a pass mark and record the quiz scores?

Yes, assuming just one contractor, new employee or visiting driver is doing the health and safety induction at a time, we can create a log on screen to capture their first and family name and their employer.  Then, when they complete the quiz, these details, along with their test score and the date will be recorded.  These can be sent as an email to a dedicated email account (such as inductions@companyname), automatically posted in a database or Learning Management System.

What happens if they don’t pass?

It’s usual to set a pass mark of, say, 8 correct answers out 10 questions.  If they fail the quiz, they can be made to repeat it.  We normally show if an answer is wrong when the contractor, driver or whoever clicks on their choice.  If you do not want to score the test, we often show which is the correct answer after showing that the answer chosen is wrong.

Can we prevent cheating?

Creating a bank of, say 20 questions, then displaying a random sequence of 10 of these, means that no-one being inducted will see the same quiz as another inductee.  There is no point in them sharing a crib sheet.

Can we get people inducted before they arrive on site?

A health and safety induction, complete with safety videos and scored quiz can be delivered online. The log on details, test score, etc. can be recorded and sent back to you. But there is a danger in that you will not know who actually sat through the induction. The person who turns up on site may be someone different.  Many of our clients consider this as a way of saving time, but very few choose this option.

What if a group of contractors need a safety induction at the same time?

Often a group of contractors will show up together for the induction.  If you don't have enough PCs or tablets for each of them to have one, there are a number of possibilities ...

     -     the group can answer the questions as a group

     -     each individual can use their smartphone (assuming they have one) to log onto a quiz on your website

     -     the quiz can be paper-based.  You distribute answer papers onto which the inductees put their details and their chosen answers - A,B,C or D, for example.  The multiple-choice questions are displayed on screen for 20 seconds each.  You then mark the results, using a version of the answer sheet with the correct answers.  This is the technique used for the quiz shown at the top of this page, which was made for a specialist house builder; the row of white dots along the bottom slowly fades away as the 20 seconds elapse, before the next question is displayed.

What if we need to show the induction on a DVD video player?

Only a PC can record quiz results.  It is easy enough to put the video and the quiz on a video DVD if using the paper-based method above.  Programming the video DVD to use the menu function to make the quiz interactive, so people answer using the remote control to select their answers is also possible.

Can it be integrated into a site access control system?

That depends on the access control system software.  Some are designed so that you cannot input directly into the database from external software.  In that case we can create a file of CSV data, which can be imported into the system and from which you can create ID cards.  Each induction will create a new, dated entry in the CSV file and the whole can be searched, converted into a spreadsheet, etc.

Does it have to be a multiple choice test?

No.  It’s the simplest option, but we could programme, for example a hazard-spotting exercise by laying hot spots on a staged photo of an area with multiple hazards (example below), a timing-based exercise - click when you see something unsafe, a text input or a drag and drop exercise.




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