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We have many years experience in the production of made-to-order health and safety induction or onboarding video DVD and multimedia productions for construction sites, contractor induction, manufacturing safety, office safety, safety in the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, renewables, hospitals and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, aviation, logistics, facilities management, education and retail. We can include scored quizzes.

Site safety inductions can be done remotely, online, to conform with UK Government guidelines, minimising the Coronavirus risk to site staff and those being inducted.

We have made safety videos for clients across the UK, from Aberdeen to Plymouth.  We have also shot HSE induction or onboarding videos in the Far East, Middle East and Africa, and added soundtracks in numerous languages

One of our cameramen was previously a stunt man, so we are able to simulate accidents and near misses realistically but safely.  We can also use drones, pyrotechnics, green screen, animations and special effects.


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Most of your people already know what they need to do to stay safe.  Since the introduction of the Health & Safety at Work Act over 40 years ago, employees and contractors have had a responsibility to work safely, follow safe working procedures, wear appropriate PPE and look out for their own safety and that of others on site.

Consequently, many have sat through numerous site safety induction presentations, especially if they are travelling contractors, service or facilities management personnel.

The challenge is engage your audience (even though they think they know it all), get them to focus on the safety issues and then follow your safe working procedures.  We can add a scored quiz to encourage attention.

Approaches which our clients have found effective include:

    Key Safe Behaviours: identify a few areas where you can make the greatest impact and focus on those.  Promote the relevant Key Safe Behaviour through video, toolbox talks, posters and newsletters.

    Getting Employees to Tell the Story: we tightly intercut a series of interviews with actual employees and contractors of all grades to explore particular issues and promote safe working practices.  This has great credibility, because we show real people talking about real life.

    Senior Management: the CEO or other director delivers a brief message to camera to emphasise that health and safety matter

   The Aftermath: show the effects that an accident can have not just on the employee but also on his family.  We did this very effectively some years ago in a production for the CITB called "Falling isn't funny".

    Flexible Modular Approach: give the DVD or PC app a menu-based structure, so that you can either Play All,  play only those sections relevant to this site and/or their work, or play one short clip to illustrate a toolbox talk.

    Interactivity: involve the audience by setting quizzes.  Both video DVD-ROM and multimedia PC / online e-learning can be interactive.  A PC app or e-learning can record participation and test scores in a database.  These records can be integrated with a site access security system, used in an induction card or safety passport issuing system.  We can also provide an interactive risk assessment function, for example for VDU safety.

Toolbox Talks: short, simple, economical toolbox videos on key safety topics

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