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Enlightenment Interactive make training videos, e-learning and multimedia training materials for supermarkets and other retail stores.  These are made-to-order and filmed in actual stores, either during opening hours or overnight.

  We supply actors to play the roles of retail staff, but we often find that actual  staff members can be equally convincing, provided that there is not too much dialogue.  Supporting actors or “extras” usually play the part of customers, although actual customers usually do not object to appearing in the background and in general shots of store activity.


Some of the training materials we have produced for retailers include:

A set of five interactive video modules for an international toy retailer covering customer care and selling skills, loss prevention and shrinkage, health and safety and terrorist threat. These were produced in seven languages, using a different presenter for each language, replacing the voiceover and subtitling any dialogue.

A sales training video drama for a furniture and electrical goods retailer which demonstrated the procedure for a sale using regulated retail finance.

Interactive multimedia for a high street bank on retail motor finance.

Systems training videos for a supermarket chain covering merchandising, freshness and food safety, stock rotation and waste.

Trigger videos to be used as part of annual assessment and refresher training of supermarket managers.  A set of twenty 30-second drama scenarios played by actors, after which a manager would be asked: “How would you deal with that if that was your store?”

Age-related sales training video for a food retailer, combining dramatised scenes with interviews with Trading Standards and staff who had been caught out by a test purchase.

IT and systems training on EPOS, till and back office software, RFID systems, hand-held devices, etc.

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