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Enlightenment Interactive has worked on international training video and multimedia production projects for multinational and overseas clients in Angola, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Spain, China, Lithuania, Finland, Kuwait, Dubai,  Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia...

Usually this has involved an international video shoot, either taking our own crew or hiring local cameramen and other professional talent.  We have directors who can direct training and drama videos in English, French and Arabic.

If you are a multinational company, you will almost certainly need to train staff overseas in their own languages or train UK staff who have English as their second language.  Although many managers will have good English, especially in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, etc, most people will only fully understand the video or e-learning if you use their mother tongue.  This is especially true if you are using technical as opposed to conversational English.

Enlightenment Interactive was set up by a linguist and we have over 30 years experience producing authentic foreign language versions of video, multimedia and other training material.  We can translate, subtitle or voiceover in almost any language, using professional "mother-tongue" narrators.


Organising an overseas video shoot for a multinational client is less complicated than it used to be, but Brexit, the exit of the UK from the EU, may have taken us back some 30 years.  At present it is unclear whether our camera crew would require business visas or work permits.  An ATA carnet may also be required for the video kit.  If you require a video shoot in mainland Europe, please give us notice for formalities and so we can work out any additional costs.

Fortunately video cameras and other equipment are far lighter and more compact than they used to be, so they can often travel as hand baggage to a shoot overseas.

Even so, it can be complicated, not least because there is no universal system for bringing expensive video, film or audio kit in and out of a country, so called "temporary importation".  Some countries will accept an ATA carnet, a "passport" for commercial goods used for exhibitions, video shoots and the like.  Other countries demand a bond, perhaps twice the import duty that would be paid, which is refunded when you leave.  Other countries seem to have no formal system.

Many countries require a visa, so time has to be allowed in the schedule to arrange this.

On a trip to Libya to produce a safety training video for an oil company we used a Moroccan tv cameraman, who needed no visa but who was questioned at length at Tripoli airport: was he a journalist? who was he working for?  Also we had to have permits for working in the desert, permits to have the video camera, permits to shoot with the camera ...

We find it useful to have someone in the video production crew who speaks the local language, so they can direct people who don't speak English, and we don't waste time having a third party translate what we want them to do.

Our director can work in French as well as English; we also have an Arabic associate director,  based in the Middle East.  We can direct drama using local actors in those languages, as well as documentary training videos.  In many countries we can find local television and video crew who work to high professional standards.

Otherwise we have UK camera operators, sound and other professionals who are happy to travel and are experienced working internationally.

For a video project intended for many different countries, an alternative is to shoot presenters or actors from those countries in the UK in a green screen studio, speaking the relevant language and set against appropriate video or graphic backgrounds.


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