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If you convert a conventional trainer-led course to multimedia training CD-ROM / DVD-ROM, interactive video DVD or web based e-learning to run on your intranet...

    - will it be effective, hold the user's attention and discourage skipping?

    - will it save you money?

    - will it save people's  time?

At Enlightenment Interactive, we have 20 years award-winning experience of doing just that, through instructional design, scriptwriting, training video and audio production, animation, multimedia and e-learning development, authoring and programming.  We also create interactive software for IT training.


Get a Quote for e-Learning

Converting an Existing Course to e-Learning or Multimedia

Your existing training course will have value.  It is a substantial asset of knowledge and experience.  We will normally work very closely with the existing knowledge owners to develop the new interactive online e-learning or disc based training material.  Our first steps would be to...

    - agree with you the audience, the objectives and the scope of the content, and whether there will need to be different levels of content for different learners

    - review all the existing training course material - trainer's manual, Powerpoint and video presentations, workbooks and handouts

    - attend the existing training course as a course participant to see where your learners find the topic easy, where they ask questions and where they need help

Learning Management,

in other words controlling access to the e-learning package and recording completion, pass, fail, etc. can be achieved inexpensively through links to a simple database or through an open source (ie free) tool such as Moodle.  Alternatively you can use a proprietary Learning Management System (or LMS), which will offer a range of recording, reporting and analytical functions.  Many Learning Management Systems are tied to an authoring tool and also require royalty or maintenance payments - usually so much per "seat" or user per year.   It is often important to find out what version of SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) the LMS uses and whether it includes various optional elements.  This may influence the degree of interactivity you can offer your learners.   You'll need to talk to your IT Department about this.

Ongoing Costs

At Enlightenment Interactive we do NOT charge maintenance or "per seat" fees.  Once you have paid for the e-learning you have commissioned from us, it's yours. There will be a charge for hosting if you need this, but most clients put the e-learning on their own servers. If the disc or web based learning package needs updating in the future, we'll quote a fair price that reflects the amount of work involved.



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