Renewable Energy

We offer a comprehensive video, training / educational material and e-learning production service for companies involved in generating renewable energy, energy efficiency and green construction.  Enlightenment Interactive has produced made-to-order media on combined heat and power plants, onshore and offshore production, geothermal energy, solar power and wind power generation, energy from waste, recycling and Passivhaus projects. Our camera crews have travelled through the UK and Europe and as far as China and Angola to do this.



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Air tightness test in Passivhaus

Energy-related projects we have worked on include …

Video for school children to encourage recycling

Video on offshore platforms and construction vessels, filmed in the Mediterranean and China

Health and safety induction videos for energy from waste and combined heat and power (CHP) plants across the UK

Health and safety video for a major offshore helicopter operator

Training packages in multiple languages for workers in fabrication yards and construction sites in Angola, Egypt, Oman and Indonesia

A set of 26 videos, animations and interactive exercises on green energy, energy efficiency and sustainable construction for E-Skill, a multinational projects as part of the EU Lifelong Learning programme, covering solar, wind and geothermal energy, Passivhaus and zero carbon housing projects, domotics, thermal and sound insulation, filmed in the UK, Spain and Italy.

Animation explaining Domotics for energy saving