Good Manufacturing Practice

Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP is an essential quality requirement the production of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics and many food and drink products.  Contractors, visitors, new or agency employees may not have been subject to GMP routines, so this becomes an important part of the site health and safety induction videos we make for such businesses.

Typically we make modular site induction videos, managed from a menu, giving different options for contractors and employees, for example.  If visitors and contractors will not be going into a production area where Good Manufacturing Practice applied, their induction video might describe GMP in general terms but not go into detail.

If the person will be going into a GMP area, there will usually be one version for contractors and one for employees, partly because their responsibilities may differ and partly because they may well use different entrances - a visitors’ gowning room, where the gowns will be disposable, and an operatives’ gowning room, where employees will have their own cloth gowns.  Again, these options will be selected by the menu at the start of the health and safety induction video.

Points likely to be included in the video

     -     the need for Good Manufacturing Practice to protect patients and consumers

     -     what is a GMP area

     -     your health, allergens, personal items such a jewellery, pens, watches, phones

     -     sending tools, materials and components into a GMP area

     -     gowning: changing room layout, putting on hairnet or mob cap, hood, snood, overalls, overshoes, hand washing

     -     alarms and signs specific to the GMP area

     -     contact with machinery, products and materials, risk of contaminating either yourself or the product

     -     waste disposal streams

     -     when operating/servicing machinery, the equipment to be left exactly in spec and any changed components to be exactly like-for-like

     -     HACCP in the case of food and drink

     -     data integrity: all data to be attributable, legible, contemporaneous, original and accurate

     -     preservation of primary data

     -     making corrections to data

     -     leaving the GMP area: hand washing and de-gowning

Enlightenment Interactive will make to order a health and safety induction video for a business where Good Manufacturing Practice applies, including scriptwriting, video shooting on your site in the GMP area, voiceover, graphics and editing.  

We can also programme a menu so that the appropriate sequence of video modules are shown to the individual or group being inducted.  We create scored multiple choice quizzes and coding that will build a database of those inducted or send an email to the HSSE department to record that someone has been through the site induction.



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