Training and Safety Induction during COVID19

With new UK Government guidelines for workplaces as a result of the Coronavirus / Covid19 pandemic, site health and safety inductions and existing training courses that would have been delivered face-to-face with Powerpoint or video can be converted to e-learning and delivered online.

For many years Enlightenment Interactive has had the e-learning expertise and resources to convert Powerpoint and other training materials into media-rich interactive multimedia training modules.  We can do this remotely, without the need for site visits, instead using email, file transfer, test versions uploaded to the internet and Skype or Zoom.



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How we would convert your induction or training course to e-learning

1. You send us the existing Powerpoint slides, manuals, handouts, etc.  If you feel there is not enough detail in these, you could record on your PC or smartphone what you would normally say during the course and send this too.  If you already have an existing safety or training video, steps 2 and 3 will not apply.

2. We write a draft script, including on-screen text, voice over narration and visuals and send this to you for approval

3. Once approved, we source any new visuals required - stock photos or video, new diagrams, cartoons or animations which we would produce.  Our aim would be to make the e-learning visually engaging, avoiding bullet point slides as much as possible.

4. We design and programme a first working version in HTML5 format for delivery over the internet or company intranet.  This would include menus, quizzes and other interactive exercises, linked with a temporary voice over.  We upload a beta version to review.

5. Once reviewed, we record the professional voice and make any amendments you need.

6. We send you a set of HTML5 files to upload to your IT network or learning management system

Other Options

While the Coronavirus / Covid19 pandemic means that our video crews are no longer welcome at most work places, there are other services we can offer remotely:

Animation: development of safety and other training videos using 2-D animation (realistic or cartoon-like) rather than video shot at your location

Foreign Language Versions of existing videos and training packages: translation, revoicing or subtitling

IT Software Training:  capturing screen grab video of your computer software, enhanced with voice over narration, graphics, fictional case histories and interactive exercises.  

Scriptwriting: researching and writing a video script in anticipation of a video shoot once circumstances allow

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