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80% of HGV traffic across the English Channel to and from Europe is by foreign operators, meaning that many UK businesses have a constant flow of drivers on their sites whose first language may be Romanian, Spanish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish ...

Also, because of the shortage of qualified HGV drivers in the UK,  some logistics and distribution companies in the UK employ numbers of drivers from other European countries.

These drivers may have difficulty in understanding your site / warehouse safety and loading/unloading procedures.  This can result in significant health and safety issues.


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For a major multinational building materials company we made a modular HGV driver safety induction video .  This is in English and nine European languages. The video clips cover the requirement to wear PPE, how to move around the site both in a vehicle and on foot, the risks from forklift truck movements, fire and emergency procedures, site facilities and the procedures for loading and unloading, with particular emphasis on the various safety measures implemented by the company.  It ends with a number of short interviews with warehouse management and operatives on the most frequent hazardous behaviours they find among foreign drivers.

We have also produced made-to-order safety videos on fork lift truck operation, warehouse and distribution centre health and safety and other aspects of site transport safety at manufacturing and distribution and logistics locations.

A 12-15 minute health and safety induction video will take 1 or 2 days on site to shoot.  For a description of the video production process see Producing a Training Video and if you have foreign operatives or drivers, multi language production.

We can program a scored quiz so you can record who has watched the video and passed a test.

For Toolbox Talks: short, simple, economical toolbox videos on key safety topics

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