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If you are a trainer and starting to use multimedia / e-learning in the organisation for the first time, you are highly likely to run into a conflict of interest between yourself and IT. Their priority, understandably, is to protect the organisation's network from disruption or contamination.

There is an obvious attraction in the idea of distributing training as e-learning via your intranet, rather than physically sending out CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs.  But the sheer file size can cause congestion on the network and lengthy delays in downloading stuff - assuming the network has the bandwidth to accept large files in the first place.

Another issue for e-learning on the intranet can be the browser used in your workplace.  For example, some years ago authoring systems began to create e-learning using Java rather than simple HTML, in order to provide a richer more interactive learning experience.  Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, on the other hand, has made Java an option rather than standard since version 6, so your IT department may not have enabled this (IE is now version 11 and has been overtaken in popularity by Google Chrome and Android).  JavaScript and Flash (also referred to as Shockwave or .SWF) are generally not such a problem,  although Flash is not popular with Apple.  HTML5 is an improvement but still not 100% accessible.

Getting your IT Department onside at an early stage can pay dividends.  Between us we can work up and test a specification before serious design work, multimedia authoring and programming take place.

The advantages can include ...

use of a Learning Management System to manage access and record the learners' performance.  These were once very expensive and rented on an annual, "per seat" basis, but competition has resulted in low cost and open source options.  We can supply and programme the CoursePlay learning management system, which is inexpensive and for which a single licence fee will cover any number of users or "seats" without recurring costs or royalties.

Even without an LMS, completion of an induction and test scores can be recorded with a simple database or email system, or even exported as CSV data to be integrated with an electronic access badge system.


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