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Contractors working on construction, maintenance or facilities management in a healthcare situation are faced with a specific range of hazards and requirements.  A site safety induction video for a hospital, clinic or care home will be very different to that for a construction site.

Enlightenment Interactive has produced made-to-order contractor safety induction videos for NHS Trusts around the UK, filmed on hospital premises and often including a piece to camera by a manager from the Estates department to highlight key safety issues on that site.


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Safety Video Production

The video script will be written specifically for your trust, reflecting your safety priorities.  The induction video can also be made modular, so that all locations of a multi-site trust can show a version of the induction video that is personalised to that site.

Issues that we expect to cover in addition to normal construction hazards and control of work include:

- Interaction with Patients and Visitors: confidentiality, respect, inappropriate relationships, noise

- Infection Control: coming to work infection-free, hand hygiene, dust suppression, any restricted areas in the hospital or care home due to an infection such as Norovirus

- Site Security: preventing public access to plant rooms, roofs, work sites, etc

- Fire Detection: sensitivity to fumes from hot work, dust, etc.  Implications of causing a false alarm in a hospital or care home.

- Waste disposal: segregation, clinical waste, sharps

- Site Access: contractor parking, logging or signing in

Induction Records

We can include a scored quiz for each contractor to complete at the end of the site safety induction video, either on paper or on a PC.  If on a PC, the safety induction can be automatically recorded on a database, so that the Trust Estates Department knows when someone is due to be re-inducted.

Filming on Location

Our camera crews are accustomed to working in a clinical setting and will choose shots which do not identify hospital patients, care home residents or their visitors.  We recommend that any Trust employees or contractors sign a release form, agreeing to be filmed.  More about the safety video production process.

Other Video and Multimedia Production

Enlightenment Interactive has produced a variety of custom-made training videos and interactive learning modules for healthcare applications, for example …

- Patient education on cancer therapy, hip replacement, CAPD

- IT software training multimedia on biopsy sample management

- e-Learning on the management of aggression by patients

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