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Enlightenment Interactive was the UK partner in e-Skill, a multinational project under the EU Leonardo programme.  One of its aims was to develop online training materials for the construction industry, specifically on green construction techniques for the masonry, electrical, gas and water trades.  

We produced 28 short training videos and a number of interactive exercises for this project, which closed in 2013.  The videos are still available free on YouTube.  Links to the more popular videos appear below.

The videos were shot in the UK, Italy and Spain and are available with subtitles.  Use the buttons on the toolbar to display the subtitles in the relevant language (English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Lithuanian).


Watch Examples of our Work

Avoiding Thermal Bridges (1) - Case history of techniques used in an apartment development in Ostia to optimise solar gain and minimise thermal transmission through exterior walls according to the season

Avoiding Thermal Bridges (2) - Use of Porotherm bricks, rigid expanded polystyrene sheet and sprayed polyurethane foam to prevent thermal bridges and heat transmission in an apartment development in Rome.

Cogeneration and Trigeneration - Case history of trigeneration combined heat and power (CHP) plant at a Pietro Mezzaroma e Figli housing development in Rome, Italy.  Uses geothermal and biofuel for district heating and district cooling.

Acoustic and Thermal Performance of an Interior Wall - Use of rubber membrane and NDA acoustic board in a wall cavity to prevent vibration and sound transmission in an apartment development in Rome.

Introduction to Solar Photovoltaic installation - Components of a simple solar photovoltaic (PV) installation generating 12v DC and 220v AC but not connected to the mains

Battery Testing for Solar PV installation - Alternative battery types for a solar photovoltaic installation. Electrical testing with a voltmeter. Chemical testing with a hydrometer.

Solar Powered House - Case history of the SML house using solar thermal and photovoltaic panels to create an energy generating building. Project entered into the Solar Decathlon by Cardinal Herrera University,  Valencia.

Prefabricated Eco-House - the SML House (Small, Medium, Large), a flexible, modular prefabricated house with low environental impact by the Cardinal Herrera University,  Valencia

Sustainable Concrete - Research project into the use of renewable, sustainable, locally sourced aggregates from waste materials to reduce the environmental impact of concrete production, at the AIDICO centre in Valencia

Passivhaus Case History - Demonstrates the "fabric first" approach of the Passivhaus concept. Construction of a highly insulated, airtight, energy efficient building, intended to reduce energy bills by 90% Development of 40 houses by Lancaster CoHousing in the UK, including district heating by biomass boiler, solar panels and water turbine.

Airtightness Testing of a Passivhaus - Airtightness testing of a domestic house for Passivhaus certification at the Lancaster Co-Housing project in the UK

Solid Wall Insulation - Retrofit insulation applied to the interior surfaces of the walls of a 100-year-old house in the UK, which was built with solid (no cavity) walls

Scaffolding Safety - Good practice for erecting modular or conventional pole, clip and plank scaffolding