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Dramatic aerial shots would previously have called for a helicopter fitted with a special filming mount, can be captured for a fraction of the cost using a professional drone.  The image quality can be superb.  At 4K super high definition, the picture can be used for print as well as for video.

More and more Enlightenment Interactive clients are keen to include drone shots in their corporate video productions, even on a training budget or for a health and safety induction.

As well as being very good value, drones can also film where a helicopter cannot - for example shooting video inside a building - say a large warehouse or production facility.

There are, of course restrictions.  You need an operator who is licensed and insured.  You need to comply with the rules of Civil Aviation Authority, which include restrictions on flying a drone near people, vehicles, built-up areas, airfields, etc.  Drone operations are also regulated in the US.  You also need permission from the owner of the site where you are taking off and landing the drone - not usually  an issue with a corporate or training video commissioned by that company.  

Other safety questions concern possible risk to items of plant, power lines or other potentially hazardous situations.  One of our oil and gas clients flatly refused to have a drone on their site; another gave us footage which they had shot with a drone around and over their plant.

The professional drone operators used by Enlightenment Interactive will know what can and cannot be done.


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