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Building, maintenance, electrical, mechanical, facilities management and other contractors are required on a variety of non-construction sites.  We produce made-to-order site safety induction videos to explain to contractors:

- the procedure for access to your site, security, alarms, emergency procedures

- what is expected of the contractor, including PPE, Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS), Permit to Work procedure, correct tools, waste disposal, asbestos

- particular hazards or requirements on your site that a contractor might not be familiar with.


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In a hospital, for example, these requirements would include infection prevention and control and the need for contractors to treat patients and their relatives with respect and consideration

At a food processing site, there would be the special PPE requirements for contractors such as hair nets, snoods, special footwear and overalls, and HACCP

At a laboratory or pharmaceutical site there would be the GMP protocols as well as the additional COSHH risks.

At a recycling site, there would be heightened risk from HGV movements on site and possibly biohazards from waste being processed.

Enlightenment Interactive makes made-to-order contractor site safety induction videos which will exactly reflect your health and safety policies and the particular hazards to be controlled.

We have also produced specific safety videos on fork lift truck operation and other aspects of site transport safety at manufacturing and distribution locations.

A 12-15 minute health and safety video will take 1 or 2 days on site to shoot.  For a description of the video production process see Producing a Training Video and if you have foreign operatives or drivers on site, multi language production.

We can program a scored quiz so you can record who has watched the video and passed a test.

For Toolbox Talks: short, simple, economical toolbox videos on key safety topics.

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