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We recreate computer software in a multimedia format as a screen-grab video or interactive training simulation. Either can be online e-learning. This has a number of advantages:

It allows the training for a new IT system or computer programme to be rolled out very rapidly across an organisation, even before the actual system is live.

    There are massive time savings over conventional instructor-led delivery of such IT training.

  You can access the simulation or video after the training as a reference, to remind how to perform particular functions that you may not use regularly and consequently forget.

    It is totally independent of the actual, live computer system, so avoids any problem with access, security or input of spurious data.

   A computer software training video or interactive CBT is usually much less expensive than developing a training mode within the actual computer software or IT system.

    A variety of media-rich elements can be built in to provide explanation, to guide the user through the software and enhance the learning experience.  This can be a fictional but realistic scenario, on which a series of interactive exercises are based.

    The users' experience can be paced, so they do not skip over important points. They can also be guided so they never get lost in the system.


Get a Quote for IT Software Training

There are two ways of achieving this: demonstration and simulation.

Demonstration consists of making a video which captures the software in operation, usually with a voiceover explanation.  To this can be added "call-outs", in other words labels, arrows, highlights and text to draw attention to important points.  We can also zoom in to key areas and blur any confidential information on the screen.  Video clips and quizzes can also be added to the package.

Simulation takes this one step further.  We take screen grabs of the actual software, then add interactive overlays to mimic the way it works.  The viewer can then click on buttons, select menu items, input text, etc. just as they would when using the real thing.  

In either case we normally provide:

- an introductory module

- voiceover commentary and prompts

- graphics, stills or video clips to support

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