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By adding a log-on screen and a scored test to your site safety induction video, we can create a digital record that will integrate with your site access control system, whether this is a simple manual, card-based one or a fully electronic, digital access and security system.

We would suggest the scored test or quiz is randomised, say 10 random questions from a bank of 20, to discourage cheating and to present a fresh set of questions to anyone who fails the test. Typically the pass mark might be 7/10.  We can also display which questions were failed, so that the trainer or safety officer can discuss these with the inductee.


The results of the test can be delivered in various way, for example:

- as a printable certificate

- as an e-mail to the health & safety department

- as CSV data posted into a database, viewable and searchable in a spreadsheet

- as code that can be posted into a fully-integrated electronic access control system

If the date of the test is recorded, this record can be used to prompt a refresher induction after, say, 12 months.

If you wish, the inductee can be shown the correct answer if they answer incorrectly and/or can be automatically retested if they fail the whole test.

A health and safety induction and scored quiz could be delivered online, before the contractor, driver or other comes to your site.  This would save time and also congestion first thing in the morning, but we have found clients reluctant to do this, in case the person turning up on site is not the person who watched the site safety induction video and passed the test.

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